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Review Blogging 101: Increase Your Blog Traffic

If this is your first time here, please make sure to read our first post Review Blogging 101 Series – How to start a review blog.

After you start your blog, you will want people to actually come and read it, right? Right. The first thing you will want to do is think about what you want to get out of your blog and then with that in mind, begin to write. In the beginning, I wrote a lot of posts upfront and scheduled them to post. That way, I would know that content was going up every day. People want to know that when they come to your blog; there is something there for them. Something new.

There are a lot of ways to get traffic. The hope is that you get people to come to your blog from several different places and they will love your blog and come back for more. I’m not going to lie–getting traffic is work. You will have to spend a lot of time building your readership. Let’s get to it.

  1. Message boards. Most message boards allow you to add a signature with a link so that every time you post on the board, you can promote your blog.
  2. Participate in Memes. Profitable Mommy has a huge list of memes so that you can choose which ones fit your blog or you want to participate in. Another option is to start your own meme.
  3. Read other blogs and comment, comment, comment! This one is huge. Visiting blogs and commenting gets you seen by not just the blog owner, but by their readers. What you DON’T want to do is spam the blog by adding your blog url in the comments section. You want to leave relevant comments. Also, don’t just visit the bigger blogs–branch out and comment on the smaller blogs as well.
  4. Spread the link love. Link out to blogs that you love to read, articles that interest you, etc. The love will eventually come back to you!
  5. Sign up for Twitter and let your followers know every time you have a new post. You can actually have your new posts automatically fed to Twitter with a program called HootSuite. It’s free and easy to use. I use it and highly suggest that you do too–or at least an application like it.
  6. Start reading about SEO Optimization. You don’t need to know everything about it–only the basics. Eventually, it will help Google guide readers to you from searches. Here’s a great list of tips.
  7. Read everything that Darren at ProBlogger writes. Seriously. I spent months on his site. He knows what he is talking about. Learn from him.
  8. Be a guest blogger on other blogs. This gets your name out there helps your blog gain exposure.
  9. Host a giveaway of your own to gain exposure. You can give away a small gift card, gas card, handmade item–whatever you can afford.
  10. Get involved in blog carnivals. These are fun and very specific to niches, hobbies, etc. Here’s a huge list of blog carnivals.
  11. Create a button or banner for your blog and post a way for readers to grab it on your sidebar. Here’s a tutorial.
  12. Keep your readers in mind. By this I mean, always, ALWAYS think about your readers. Do not accept an ad, a product, or do anything that you can’t stand behind. If your readers can’t trust you, then they will not come back to your blog. It’s as simple as that.
  13. Sign up and/or list your blog at different social networking sites, blogging message boards, etc. Here’s a list of some sites that allow you to promote your blog in some way:

14. To see your traffic statistics, you will need some sort of tracker. I use Site Meter, but I know a lot of bloggers also like Stat Counter. Some even use both. Get a traffic counter asap!

15.  If you join Latina Mom Bloggers, please  share your blog posts with other Latina Mom Bloggers by adding #latinamoms to your tweets.  A team member from Latina Mom Bloggers will be in touch to work with you to obtain your media kit.  If you don’t have a media kit, stay tuned to next week’s Blogging 101 series.

Let’s talk about it:

Do you have additional tips for increasing your Blog Traffic?