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10 Simple Tips to Prepare for BlogHer!

I’ve attended over 8 blogging related events this year and have found it important to have a plan and  prepare in advance for events before attending.

Here are 10 simple tips for you to use if you are going to BlogHer or preparing for another blogging event:

  1. Business Cards:   Grab your business cards and stuff them into the suitcase to make sure you don’t forget them.  If you do not have any business cards, order them now to ensure you have a way to connect with people that you meet at the conference.   You may also want to add a QR Code to your website to make your business card interesting and give potential leads a way to quickly access your website.
  2. BlogHer Agenda & Parties:  Make a personal schedule using the BlogHer agenda, Sponsored Promotions, BlogHer Geekbar Workshops and all the parties you will be attending. Printout all the EventBrite tickets prior to event as some of the events require the printouts for entrance into the event.  Email yourself your agenda for easy access via your mobile device and place copy of your BlogHer agenda and printed tickets in a folder.
  3. Make your List and Check it Twice: The best way to manage your contacts is to make a list of people you want to connect with at BlogHer. A fun way to meet people is to make sure to sit at a different table for sessions, breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  4. Electronics: Purchase batteries for all the electronics you plan on taking to BlogHer.  Don’t take a laptop unless you plan on writing while you are traveling.  Take extension cords for all your electronics as well.
  5. Travel Itinerary: Printout all your flight and hotel accommodation information prior to the event. Familiarize yourself with the area, especially if you are traveling to offsite events.
  6. Media Kit, Media Kit, Media Kit: There will be several PR agencies and Brands at the event. Be proactive and print out a couple copies of your media kit to share with prospective brands and PR agencies.  If you need procedures to create a media kit, check out How to Create a Media Kit blog.
  7. What to wear: The best outfit to wear is whatever makes you comfortable.   There is no specific dress code.  However, if you’re only packing semi-casual clothing, also take an outfit for a night on the town and professional outfit just in case.  You want to feel good in your own skin so make sure to take  clothes that makes you comfortable and feel fabulous.
  8. Be Professional & Practice your Pitch: You will definitely have an opportunity to talk to  brands and agencies face to face.   Don’t be afraid to speak to brands about yourself and opportunities you are interested in.   The brands & PR agencies will remember your smiling face,  enthusiasm and  professionalism.  Initiative can take you a long way in building relationships with brands for upcoming campaigns. Grab your friend or your spouse and start practicing your pitch.  Practice will help you feel comfortable and give you self confidence  to speak with agencies and  brands.  Remember, part of the reason the brands are there is because they want to meet YOU.
  9. Be Social: Start connecting with  other people that are attending BlogHer prior to the event.  Reach out via Twitter or Facebook.  You can use #blogher twitter hashtag to start the conversation with other bloggers attending the conference. You can find the Latina Mom Bloggers community online on Twitter by following #latinamoms hashtag.  Blogher community is also sharing a lot of tips for BlogHer conference.  If you haven’t already done so, read the blogs of people you want to build relationships with and provide feedback.   Commenting on peoples blogs is another way to build relationships. You may also want to consider sending a tweet to people you would like to meet and network online before meeting face to face.  Use a genuine, authentic & personable voice in your blog comments, tweets and/or facebook updates.
  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff: If this is your first time attending BlogHer, relax and have fun.  There are plenty opportunities to meet everyone you want to meet.  Most importantly, take time for yourself in between sessions to just relax and breathe.

Looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer!

Let’s talk about it!  What other simple tips do you recommend for BlogHer?